Whatever you do, don’t listen to JO when you make pasta!

From Jamie Oliver’s website:

Place the flour on a board or in a bowl. Make a well in the centre and crack the eggs into it. Beat the eggs with a fork until smooth. Using the tips of your fingers, mix the eggs with the flour, incorporating a little at a time, until everything is combined. Knead the pieces of dough together – with a bit of work and some love and attention they’ll all bind together to give you one big, smooth lump of dough!

What he neglects to mention is that 6 eggs in 1 pound of flour is going to create the absolute biggest cascade of egg goo all over your counter!


Besides, who the eff measures flour by the pound for a home recipe? Cheesy Brits, there is a measure here in North America called A Cup. Please use it.


  1. Amanda Kerik says

    There’s a very good reason to weigh flour instead of measuring it – depending on how it’s scooped the actual amount in the cup can vary by several ounces.

    Cooking is basically applied chemistry and with that amount of variance in the dry goods, doing the same “cup” one day in a new bag of flour (packed down by shipping) and the same “cup” a month later from a nearly empty bag (spooned into the cup – each amount’s tumble into it adds air to the volume) you can probably see why.

    Digital scales are cheap these days – 10 – 20 bucks, and it really DOES make a difference.

    When you know better, you do better.

  2. says

    You are 100% correct – however I was half in the bag and recovering from a eggy mess at the time.

    That being said, one of my biggest pet peeves is inconsistency in recipes. Not only across the continents, but I’ve even seen some writers who mix up weight, liquid volume etc within the same recipe! Drives me freakin crazy.

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