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Thanks to the joys of working in automotive media, I have the good fortune to be invited to some rather cool events. As a photographer, I tend to look beyond the topic everyone else is shooting and find my own subjects. Of course I’m there to shoot the cars, but sometimes there are other images that are just too important to pass on.

While covering the 2011 New York International Auto Show for, I had been invited to the press launch of Lexus’ new LF-CH concept vehicle which was being catered by non other than Iron Chef Morimoto. Little did I expect that so few people would pay attention to Morimoto, nor that he would provide the highlight of my evening.

To say that many photographers and camera guys can be, um…difficult, would be a bit of an understatement. As the concept car was revealed, I was in the back row of the crowd. I realized that I was standing next to Morimoto San, as he stepped up on to a video guy’s riser to get a better look. Said video guy went apeshit and more or less threw the Iron Chef off his platform! At first, I got a real giggle out of it, until I saw the background and asked The Chef if he would mind giving me the pose. He did and I came away with an image I was rather proud of.

Micro taste seems to be the order of the day in New York right now and the Lexus party was no exception. Chef’s peeps were churning out plate after plate of miniature goodies, from weeny sandwiches to the most incredible beef. The teeny BLT’s were a visual fan favorite, but they also tasted like, well, a little BLT but complete with the acronym stamped on the side. The bovine attraction was actually a Lilliputian sized Beef Wellington, complete with pastry crust. It was out of this world!

As guests arrived, they walked past a lit ice sculpture. Few seemed to notice that this was not your ordinary ice art. It was in fact a cold smoker, with smoky cherry wood down below and yellowfin tuna in the hopper up above. The delicately smoked yellowfin formed the basis for a melt in your mouth slider. There was little chicken wing portions stuff with rochefort and perfectly steamed asparagus swizzle sticks in a heavenly soup shooter.

Visiting so many media functions, I get to sample a lot of appetizers. I can honestly say that I have yet to sample such inventive foods that were equally flavorful. Each tiny morsel exploded with flavor and texture.

Now if I can just get Chef to give me the deets on his Wellies!


  1. says

    I always pity the guys who carve those ice sculptures.

    They spend so much effort on creating an art form that eventually melts away.

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