Sweet Tarts Takeaway!

We had the craziest Family Day weekend, which included being extras in a shoot for Sweet Tarts Takeaway! Mooby and I had a blast — the cast and crew are so nice and funny and fun.

How does this pertain to a food blog? For those of you who don’t (yet) know of Sweet Tarts Takeaway, it’s a web series of short episodes that revolve around two of the three main characters (the Sweet Tarts), who are caterers. They’ve had their delivery van repossessed and, when they go to try to get it back, they get coerced into helping out the Repo Man on a new job that “could use a woman’s touch”…. Madcap wackiness ensues!!

Sweet Tarts Takeaway posts a new episode every Monday.  Foodie bonus: Every week the website provides a recipe that meshes with the new episode. The recipes are the real deal — provided by local Ottawa caterers and restaurants!


~ One of Seven


  1. Sounds very neat!

    Can you let me know when it will be on? Or will you guys be visible?

  2. Hey Mike!
    Not sure if you got your answer yet, but Sweet Tarts Takeaway is live and ready!

    Check out http://www.sweettartstakeaway.com each Monday for a new webisode and recipe :)

    This Monday is Episode 3!

    Under the “blog” section, you’ll be able to see what has been said about the Tarts!

  3. One of Seven says:

    Absolutely, Mike! It won’t be for at least a couple of weeks, but when I know, I’ll let you know in advance. Good question about whether or not we’ll be explicitely visible. Based on who I know was in the previous episodes, however, I think you’ll be able to spot us…!!

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