Pop that cherry

Strange things often happen when the FAB Whitby and FAB Greely kitchens come together, and last week was no exception. For our in between holidays extravaganza, Sandy and I decided to make an awesome sounding pork tenderloin, stuffed with goat cheese and drizzled with a red wine and cherry reduction. We’ll make it again another time and I’ll try to stay sober enough to take pictures.

As I worked on my mise en place, I went rummaging around in our drawers to find that cherry pitter that I was sure we had bought somewhere a long time ago. Apparently, we didn’t actually ever buy it! Like I do with everything else, I summoned up the internets to find a solution, as I was already too sauced to visit the local repository of kitchen gadgets. What I found was an incredibly simple solution.

A nail, a lump of wood.

That’s right, hammer a nail into a board, wash your new tool and then get to work.

The instructions I found said to center the cherry on the nail and push down. My scientific research showed that while this method works, it creates one hell of a mess as the cherry splooges its juice across the kitchen. A few attempts and I found an easier method.

Using the head of the nail, gently pierce the bottom of the cherry. Not sure where the bottom is? Locate the spot where the stem was attached and turn the fruit upside down. You have now found the bottom of the lovely red globe.*

Once you have scored the bottom of the fruit, turn the cherry upside down and place the stem spot (what is that called anyway?) on the nail and then press down. The pit will pop out with ease and with a minimum of splooge.

*note: if you needed this instruction, then perhaps you should ask a more capable assistant for help with the hammer and nail portion of this gadget!


  1. In shops we can buy a device for this – it’s not that messy.

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