The Reamer: Kitchen device or….

I must have walked past this thing a dozen times in the store and chuckled every single time. Really, how could you not giggle a little when you look at this thing? It really does look more like a pleasure toy than a kitchen tool. Mamma G took note, and got me one for Christmas. Kind of a gag gift, but a functional one.

So what is it really? Well, the good folks at AR+COOK call it a citrus reamer. Then they go on to describe it as Beauty and The Beast.

From the website:
Don’t let appearances fool you. It’s character that counts. Call it funny looking, but our Citrus Reamer is a beauty at stripping the pulp and goodness from hard-skinned fruit. Call it sensual, but it’s a brute of a juicer, thanks to its unique shape, solid construction, and “ball-tip” patterning.

Ball Tip indeed!

I decided to make some lemon jerk pork tonight and decided that I should put The Reamer to the test. I have to say that all innuendo aside, this is one serious tool. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say it kicks the pulp out of the Braun juicer that has been used a half a dozen times over the past 20 years or more!


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