12 year old salmon

Despite what you might garner from the title, no we are not aging salmon here in the FAB Whitby kitchen. What you see to the left is part of last night’s dinner, as created by 12 year old Duncan.

When Dunc announced that he was going to prep the salmon, I was interested to see what he came up with. He began by scoring the flesh, as One of Seven taught him. He followed that up with carefully positioned and inserted sprigs of Thyme and a squeeze of lemon. In an effort to bring a bit of heat and maybe keep his brother away from the fish, he liberally sprinkled the salmon with red pepper flakes. He then flanked the salmon in the dish with lemon slices.

The end result was a nice, light citrus taste with a bit of a kick. This kid definitely has a future in food!


  1. One of Seven says:

    Wicked job, Duncan!! Mmmm, salmon…!!

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