Pasta Carbonara

One of my favourite foods is pasta.  Another, is bacon.  When you put the two together, what could be better?   I was searching recipes that combined the two and Pasta Carbonara kept coming up.  I must admit, I have always been a little wary about trying this recipe because pouring raw eggs over hot pasta without the added heat of the stove just makes me shudder.  That, and if I told the kids there were eggs in their pasta, they would probably ask to eat next door.  Anyway, I decided to give it a try and the results were outstanding.  Easy, fast and delicious.

Pasta Carbonara

1/2 lb bacon, chopped (more if desired.  You could also use pancetta)

2 cloves garlic, chopped

1 lb pasta, cooked (I used linguine but spaghetti or fettuccine would also work)

4 eggs, beaten

1 cup freshly grated parmigiano cheese

3 tblsp freshly chopped parsley

Fresh ground pepper

Salt to taste

1.  In a large pan, cook the bacon until crispy.  Remove the bacon and leave 3 tblsp of the bacon fat in the pan.

2.  Saute the garlic in the bacon fat for about 1 minute. Add parsley and fresh ground pepper and saute another minute.

3.  Return bacon and cooked pasta to the pan and toss until mixed thoroughly.

4.  Remove pan from the stove and pour eggs over the pasta mixture, mixing until the eggs coat all the pasta.

5.  Add the cheese and toss well.

Serve immediately.


  1. This one is just killer!

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