Garage storage moves indoors!

It isn’t very often that one writes a product review that begins in the garage and ends up in the kitchen, but here we are in the kitchen with a new storage solution. It began with a request for me to review some garage storage for the folks at Whirlpool’s Gladiator Garageworks division. When I found out they were sending a Premium Modular Gearbox, it occurred to me that it might actually solve some of our storage and workspace problems in our kitchen. Ok, so it helps that the mottled black & steel case and the diamond plate doors look perfect next to our stainless steel stove and vent hood!

Make no mistake, this Gearbox is full on pro quality garage equipment. It just happens to look wicked!

The workspace on top is just a bit lower than the countertop, making it perfect for the shorter cooks in the house. The heavy duty sliding interior shelf is perfect for storing our heavy ceramic baking and serving dishes, which frees up space in our other cabinets. Also, the shelf extends a full 20″ which means dishes are less likely to be damaged when put away and the always sore back takes a bit less of a beating too.

With big, wide rubber wheels, the Gearbox is very stable and moves around well which means it can happily be used as a mobile work station.

Sure, it might look a little industrial, so it might end up in The Garage eventually. If they offer up a long term tester version of the matching fridge, the Gearbox may become a permanent fixture!

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  1. Looks great in the kitchen… we actually have a matching 27″ Maple Top that can be slotted on top of the Gearbox. Maybe I should send one of those out to you to complete your kitchen look :)

  2. One of Seven says:

    Is that “shorter cooks” reference directed at me? I guess I know where I’ll be working on the “Inspired by Fire” weekend!! ;^>

  3. GW – that would be most appreciated!

    OoS – I think you fit into the crowd of shorter ones!

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