More love for the stock

It was a big weekend here in the FAB South kitchen, as the chefs from the FAB NorthEast kitchen invaded for some culinary adventures, not to mention the draining of more than a few beverage containers.

The big experiment of the weekend was the creation of two different Beef Wellington dishes. We began with a full beef tenderloin, which always creates lots of tender little beef scraps and rich, soft fat. Neither the fat or the little bits of beefy goodness are really good for anything, yet it is a shame to just toss them in the bin. What to do? Make stock!

This morning, out came the big pot, filled with water. I added in all of the beefy bits, a few shallots, a couple of heads of garlic and some no longer fresh celery. A bit of poking about in the fridge also produced half of a root veggie of some sort, I think it is a turnip. To finish up I tossed in a bit of thyme that was in the crisper. The pot has been simmering all morning and smells absolutely FAB.

Once cooled and strained, this gallon or so of beef stock will go into the fridge next to our latest batch of chicken stock.


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  2. All these are mouth watering dishes. I will definitely try them in a free time.

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