Super simple peppercorn chicken pasta

It used to be that a real foodie would never talk about the little shortcuts used in the kitchen lest they be considered less of a cook by their friends. The reality these days is that many large chain stores have gone to a lot of trouble to create ready made products that are not only easy, but taste great too. Here in Ontario, we are lucky to have the President’s Choice brand that offers many unique products that can’t be found elsewhere. The do sauces particularly well. In this recipe, we’ll use their Memories of Lyons peppercorn sauce as the base for a quick, easy and flavorful pasta.

The beauty of cooking like this is because there is no recipe you can make as much or as little as you need.

What ya need:

Boneless chicken breast – we used 3 big ones, but you can vary depending on the size of your clan
1 package of the pasta of your choice. We used penne.
1 bottle PC Memories of Lyons 4 peppercorn sauce or similar.
Whipping cream

How ya make it:

Preheat a large, non stick pan with a splash of veggie oil.

Heat a big honkin’ pot of salted water for the pasta.

On a clean cutting board, cut the chicken into bite size chunks. Season with salt & pepper (we prefer fresh ground) and carefully add to the hot pan.

Sear the chicken on all sides, then turn the heat down and allow chicken to cook through, being careful not to overcook it. Then, remove chicken & put in a bowl.

Add pasta to boiling water and cook as per instructions. Ours took 9 minutes to al dente, but yours may vary. Read the package as each pasta is different.

Add the peppercorn sauce to the pan and heat. Once sauce is hot, stir in the whipping cream a little at a time until you are happy with the creaminess and pepper heat. Add chicken to reheat & soak up sauce.

Drain pasta well in a colander and then add to sauce & chicken mixture. Cook on medium heat for a couple of minutes to allow pasta to pick up the sauce.

Serve in bowls, grating fresh parm on top if you so desire.


  1. Mmmmm….that looks so damn good!

    I agree – using a pre-made sauce is a good shortcut.

  2. I tried this tonight and Mike had a second helping and even a third. The only change was the addition of some veggies to help keep leftovers in check. Many thanks for the great idea.

  3. Another cool one to try is the PC mushroom one. I can’t recall the name right now. It makes a great creamy sauce. Unfortunately, our kids all hate cooked shrooms. Weird thing is they will all eat them raw!

  4. The only change was the addition of some veggies to help keep leftovers in check.

  5. One of Seven says:

    Hey! We were both feeling under the weather yesterday, so we did this with leftover sliced, cooked (rare) flank steak, sauteed mushrooms and blanched asparagus. It was awesome and only took a few minutes to put together. It’s been a while since I’d bought or used a PC product, so I was impressed! Thanks for the great idea, GG…!!


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