Portland’s food carts

As an automotive writer, I often have the opportunity to visit places that I wouldn’t likely ever see otherwise. The down side is that I am usually only in a city for about a day and a half and I have little more than a few hours to explore on my own. This past Fall I was in Portland for the first time. Once I woke up from my cross country travel induced nap, I headed out for a walk to see a bit of the city.

What I discovered was this really cool food phenomenon. It seems like every parking lot in downtown Portland has a row of these old travel trailers that have been converted to little take out food joints. They are all very brightly painted, looking more like a collection of pop art than a row of kitchens on wheels. It seems as if every culture on the planet is represented by their culinary traditions. Sadly, I had eaten during my transfer in Vancouver and was about to endure enjoy a huge meal at the press event. This meant that there was no way I was going to sample anything from any of these vendors.

Since that trip, I’ve spoken with a couple of people who have lived in Portland and it was explained that these food carts have been in town for years and are a serious lunch staple of office dwellers. Yesterday I came across Food Carts Portland, a great blog devoted to these reviewing these semi mobile sources of lunchtime nutrition.

If I have the opportunity to return, I’ll be sure to arrive on an empty tummy and sample a couple of carts.


  1. This is a good post actually, people will like it.This something to look forward while you are in a hurry to take things up and get your tummy up!

  2. Hmm, I’m a Portland, Oregon native(Aloha, that is) but I haven’t noticed these before. Even when I was last back for a visit two years ago. I prefer to graze rather than eat large meals so I will definitely notice them when I go back next time.

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