Flung together super meaty chili

It has been a while since I’ve made a big pot of chili, so I thought that would be a great project for the return of winter. I looked at a few recipes, but none caught my eye so I just went to the store and grabbed a few things to add to the 2 packages of stewing beef that had taken up long term residence in the freezer.

As TV chef Michael Smith says, a recipe is just a beginning. Close the book, use some creativity and get cooking.

I used our Saint Patties Day Chili as a sort of basis and then had some fun. You can refer to it if you want some actual instructions. I used a couple of pounds of stewing beef, a pound of lean ground beef and a half pound of bacon. Yes, bacon! I figure if Voodoo Donut in Portland can put bacon on donuts, I can use it in chili! Oh, and yes I have had their maple and bacon donuts and they aren’t as gross as you might think!

I used 2 1/2 large onions, finely chopped and I omitted the peppers, because I forgot to buy them!
1 beer – Steelback Draft
Half a mason jar of home made turkey stock.
1 can small Mexican beans. Never seen them before thought they might be good.
1 can seasoned smashed tomatoes, with another in reserve just in case.
1 can tomato paste
Spices are pretty much the same as before.
I wanted to use some chipotles in adobo sauce, as I love the smoky taste, but they didn’t have any.

Otherwise I pretty much followed my own recipe. Ok, I cooked stuff in the same order! So far, it tastes awesome with just the right amount of heat for the family.

It really is that easy to throw something interesting together. While the ability to pair flavours comes with practice, the only way you get that practice is to actually try. So find a recipe you like and try making some substitutions, you might just find that you love your creation!


  1. yummy.. that looks delicious..

    Regards David

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