Frying up some crispies at home!


I went out on a limb and got Mamma G a deep fryer for her B-day earlier this month. I know, kitchen appliances aren’t overly romantic, but I did the jewelery thing last year. Anyway, the T-Fal self filtering fryer from Costco looked like a pretty neat device so I succumbed to the lure of the home made fries. Tonight was use #2 and we made a big honkin batch of onion rings. In short, dead easy and super yummy.


1 cup of flour
1 cup (or a bit more) of beer
a dash of salt
a teaspoon or so of paprika for flavour

Mix it all up and coat your rings of oniony goodness.

Gently lay them into the hot fryer, being careful not to drop them in. You don’t want a splash. We cooked them for about 2 minutes per batch, which seemed just about right.

Home fryers are a little on the small side, so you might want to heat a baking sheet in the oven to keep things warm while you do the net batch (or batches).

We can’t wait to try other things. Tempura veggies are sure to be a big fave around our house.


  1. One of Seven says:

    I’m salivating…. And it’s 9:30 in the *morning*!! Well, now I know what I’m going to try for dinner tonight!!

  2. This made my stomach rumble. Lunch time!

  3. mmmmmmm…….onion rings! Just last night we had homemade french fries, but I just love the crispy goodness of golden battery-fried onion rings!

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