Gordon Ramsey: Shrek in a Frock

Apparently an old episode of Kitchen Nightmares that we’ve never seen before. We saw this last night, Christmas Day after dinner of all times and I came across what might be the funniest thing I’ve EVER heard on TV. I laughed so hard that nobody else heard the rest of the argument!

“stop running around like shrek in a fucking frock!”


  1. Hah! Gordon may be a genius in the kitchen, but his choice of words always makes me think twice about his intelligence.

    Only joking. :)

  2. I can’t get enough of Ramsay…I especially love the North American episodes where he rips on the big, puffed up egos in New Jersey. Classic.

  3. Gordon Ramsay used to be kind of interesting but these days, he’s getting to be as boring as an old fart – just the same old foul language and rhetoric every time, belittling others, taking pleasure in their misery, talking down at them, condescending, he drives me up the wall, it’s about time someone stuck a sock in his big gob and told him to shutup. He’s single handedly got to be one of the most boring people on tv. If he just stuck to cooking everyone else could have some peace and quiet rather putting up with him hitting his hand with that silly repetitive gesture of his and his constant use of the f word. He may be good at what he does but the manner that he goes about it is appalling.

  4. I have a neighbor that works as a psychiatrist on Hell’s Kitchen here in LA. He has to deal with the people that Gordon beats up. He says he can’t figure out why anyone allows themselves to be treated that way.

  5. Ramsey is my favorite chef and I enjoy watching him yelling at people who think they can cook when that is far from reality.
    I wanted to watch the video but it says it was removed by the user.

  6. I’ve watched all the UK Ramsays kitchen nightmares and Gordon is a legend. He’s not condescending, he’s honest. He cuts to the point and tells people like it is, of course its not going to go down well, honesty hardly ever does.

    I sw this episode in the video and it was a classic description of the woman and how she was acting, I don’t think it could have been said any better.

    Thanks to Gordon now the couples marriage is better and their restaurant is a success. There are few people in this world that would be able to turn a situation like that around in a week!

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