Video: Peaches is a winner!

Things have been pretty quiet around Foodies Across Borders lately, but that’s only because things in the kitchen have been way too busy! One of the big happenings here in the FAB East kitchen was that our killer summer cocktail recipe, Peaches won the Durham News Get Grillin’ Contest! That’s right, we won! So what does that mean? Well, they sent a video crew (well, video girl) to tape little old me making Peaches. Then, the nicely edited video sent my mug across this here internet. Oh yes, we also scored a $100 gift certificate for Halenda’s Meats! Woo Hoo!

What are you waiting for? Check it out!


  1. One of Seven says:

    Love it! Glad it’s back!! You’d never know summer is just around the corner, after this snowy morning in Ottawa, but I’m looking forward to one of these cocktails on our next summery day!!

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