Killer Cocktail: Peaches

Walking on the beaches looking at the peaches: The Stranglers

We’ve all had the legendary Fuzzy Navel. It got old around 1988 and yet some bars are still serving it. Today, we have a modern twist on a not so classic.



The FAB original recipe after the break

In your favourite cocktail shaker combine

3 ounces Absolut Peach vodka

2 ounces Dr McGillicuddy’s French Kiss Vanilla Schnapps


Shake it for a while and the strain into two big martooni glasses

Now the fun part

Top up with a fizzy orange drink. We used Dole Sparklers Tangerine, but something like Orangina would work nicely

Site back, enjoy. Mix another couple, just don’t travel too far as these pack a serious punch!

Strolling along minding my own business
There goes a girl and a half
She’s got me going up and down
Walking on the beaches looking at the peaches


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