Smoker Update: Finally some ribs

I must adit that I haven’t used the smoker since the first time effort with pork tenderloin. On Sunday I was home alone with the boys in the afternoon, so I decided to try my hand at smoking some ribs.

The test subjects were both short ribs and the great big ones. I slopped them in PC Smokin Stampede Beer & Chipotle sauce and tossed them in. This time, the outside temperature was a fair bit cooler than last time, so I figured it would be even harder to heat it up. After a bit of fooling around, I figured out that the best way was to keep the chimney open all the way and open the hopper door about an inch. This kept the cooking area nice and hot.

The result? Maybe the best ribs I’ve ever made! Never again will we boil ribs and then throw them on the BBQ. Well, maybe in a time crunch. The only problem with smoking is the time factor. It takes a long time, and you have to be there to control the fire. The results are worth it though.


  1. Nothing like good smoked ribs. It’s especially nice to remove the ribs after they’re done and crank the heat on the BBQ. Slap the ribs on once it’s hot and cook them another few minutes on each side while slathering sauce on to crisp them up the outside.

    The results are fall off the bone every time.

  2. i actually did toss them on the barbie for a bit, along with a good bit more sauce!

    the only step i missed was to score the membrane between the ribs before smoking, but it didn’t hurt, they were tender & juicy & fell of the bone!

  3. Sounds like those ribs would go good with a nice full bodied Shiraz or Cabernet. mmmm Good!

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