Blog Review: KidsKuisine


Who woulda thought? A cooking with kids blog that has a recipe for Kitty Litter Cake! Kidskuisine has the somewhat frightening cake treat, along with a whole lot more. Recipes are designed to be easy and fun for kids to make and eat. Some of the cooler treats for Halloween included Glycol Punch, Pumpkin Gut Nachos and even Pond Scum.

We’ve got birthdays coming up, and I’ll be the boys will want to gross out their friends with a litter box full of cat crap!


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    That? Is totally gross. :-)

    Which is, I guess, exactly the point! One of the mysteries about kids that I will never understand is how they love to eat something that looks like worms or eyeballs or poop, and yet try to get them to eat a vegetable and you’d think you were trying to poison them.

    That is a VERY cool site, to come up with all kinds of kid-friendly recipes!

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