Don’t Bruise Your Banana


The perv in me just couldn’t leave this one alone. Wrap yer nanner folks!

Seriously though, while this looks more at home in a sex shop, it belongs in your kid’s lunch box. Say goodbye to the dastardly squished banana and hello to the firm, unblemished fruit. Your offspring will thank you for protecting their daily source of potassium.

No word if they offer a magnum model for those rare xtra long monkey treats.

Get your very own Banana Guards here


  1. Interesting idea. But I’m thinking not every banana is the same shape and size.

  2. Now that’s just a crazy idea. Isn’t it?

  3. Are they for real??!!

  4. I got all excited when I first saw these, and then I saw the price — they’re seven bucks each (plus shipping). …and like Duane, I was thinking “not every banana will fit in here.”

    So instead I just wrapped a banana in bubble pack and guess what? No bruises. It also works for pears, peaches and any other delicate fruit.

    So I no longer have squished and bruised fruit, but all it took was a piece of bubble pack which I already had (and re-use).

  5. I thought that I had seen it all, but this is just the funniest thing ever. i suppose that this is a great idea for not getting your bananas squashed when packing them for lunch and for the kids lunch, and I think that the creator could make some serious money from these.

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