Jamie Oliver friggin ROCKS!!!!

I’m outta place here, “cause Sandy is halfway through a real review of the new show, but I’ve been into the Banrock Station & this Dude’s show just kills!

This cat rolls into an old Italian monastary, gets the monk dudes shit faced & teaches them how to cook! Just imagine the opportunity….stroll into an ancient place with a misplaced rep & rejuvenate a bunch of really old dudes. He had a 70 year old monk (who had been in the place for 60 years) shakin’ his ass to The Cure!!!

Stay tuned for more coherant comments from mama G


  1. G-guy, you make me howl. I saw that episode as well – it was pretty cool. One of 7 is not so much a Jamie Oliver fan, but I think he’s cool. I like the concept of this show – it’s nice to see a rock star chef kind of humbled every once in a while.

  2. I have to agree Jamie does rock, I have just about all his books and just love watching his shows he make the art of cooking so simple and easy that any one can do it and that one doesn’t have to have the most lavish ingredients.

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