Shikar Poppa Dums

We’ve all had papadums at our fave indian restaurant, and maybe even tried frying some up at home. Now you can get little ones that come in a can sort of like a Pringles tube. I recently came across these wonderful treats in the local Superstore & just had to pick them up. They are miniature papadums and come in 4 flavours, Green Chili & Garlic, Black Pepper, Red Chili & Cumin. So far, we have tried the Black Pepper & the Green Chili & Garlic and the whole family loves them. Having a look at the Hunter Foods web site, they have all sorts of unique snacks. If they are all as good as Poppa Dums, these folks will enjoy huge sales growth here in Canada.


  1. Anonymous says:

    They are available in the USA through N-Star Import and Export LLC

  2. We also found them recently in Canmore at Nutter’s. They may be available at other natural food stores….

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