I like cupcakes!

I decided that I had to try making some cupcakes from scratch and after seeing a reference to Magnolia Cupcakes in NYC, I went on a hunt for a recipe. I found the ladies at All Cupcakes, All The Time. Theirs is a blog dedicated to the cupcake, and they had the recipe I needed. Normally, I’m no baker so I think things were a bit messier than they usually are when I venture into the kitchen, but I think I was happy with the results. Straight out of the oven, the cupcakes had a wonderful crusty, sugary cap & a nice not too sweet taste, with a texture like soft cornbread. They tasted great. Of course, like most things I do, I didn’t allow enough time to ice them the same night & the tops had gone a bit sticky by the time they were iced the next evening.

Next time, I’ll plan ahead so I have time to ice & I think I’ll turn the mixer up faster so the batter sticks less.


  1. Apparently cupcakes are all the rage for kids’ birthday parties now! A lot of the parents I know (online) are starting to get cupcakes rather than large cakes for parties, since it is easy to plan: 1 kid, 1 cupcake. No leftovers. Also, the clean up is easier, and kids can run around the backyard, cupcake in hand, without having to have a formal “sit-and-eat” time.

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